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What is the difference within sourcing and recruiting?

Nowadays' complex recruitment processes can be easily devided into a multistep flow. Especially if your company operates on different markets, you might notice that according to the geographic area you looking for new employees, your efforts will be more oriented on sourcing and attracting the right amount of candidates, screening them, contacting them for a first interview and then moving into shortlisting the top 3-5 individuals.

Sourcing & Advertising solutions are aimed to boost the first part of this process and allow you to be particularly effective in countries with very low unemployment rates such as the following areas:

EU Countries

May 2022, Unemployment rate

Czech Republic




















Source: EU Commission - for full data check the latest release in PDF of EUROSTAT - Euroindicator

How RED. Recruitment can help your talent sourcing?

Once our consultants are briefed about your needs, they know what omnichannel strategy to activate to approach active and passive candidates in the interested geographic area on the  labor market. As a non exhaustive list of our tools and partners, we briefly describe below some of our channels for your business talent sourcing needs.

international job boards connecting candidates
candidates receiving job ads via social media
direct search recruitment method
government or ministry or labor or university

What a Talent Sourcing service is exactly and what is NOT?

talent-sourcing-isnot about-service-description

This service is about:

✅    Receiving a solid amount of candidates to make a good choice;

✅    Using full power of our advertising platforms (25 free + 10 paid job boards);

✅    Secretly advertising on your behalf without disclosing your legal entity and business name;

✅   Reaching our social media channels with a total of 40k followers all accross the Central Eastern European region;

✅   Provide your internal HR & Recruitment team with a great amount of candidates to be screened;

✅    Overcome limits by your geographic online employer branding presence and the languages spoken by your team;

This service is NOT about:

⛔    Involving RED. Recruitment in telephone screening or further interview or shortlisting steps;

⛔    Using our channels to steal data for any other purpose different than corporate recruitment (i.e. marketing, advertising or data brokerage);

⛔    A cheap solution to solve your Recruitment needs (we provide you raw applicants that you will screen and assess);

⛔    Any other data usage different from legal provisions;

⛔    Is not always offering a quality and updated dataset.

Still not convinced about what service better fits your organisation?

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