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We can count on an extensive network of professionals in the Central and Southern European region.

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We provide HR consulting in the region since more than 10 years. Our consultants come from the Fortune 100 environment.

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Our daily activities in the region let us have a good full picture and a benchmark of your conditions and efforts to search, select and retain top talents.

Latest articles

The most requested IT roles in Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia in 2023

IT roles in demand in Central Eastern Europe focus on software engineering, data science, DevOps, cybersecurity, and project management.

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The Value of Social Responsibility in Recruitment Agencies

Explore how socially responsible recruitment strategies boost business success in our latest blog. Discover benefits like top talent acquisition, enhanced brand reputation, and increased productivity. Learn how recruitment agencies can prioritize social responsibility for a sustainable future. Read more on the role of social responsibility in recruitment.

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ChatGPT in Recruitment

ChatGPT and AI revolutionizes recruitment with advanced language processing for optimizing hiring processes, from personalized pitches to job offer creation. While mindful of potential risks, recruiters can leverage ChatGPT responsibly for improved hiring decisions by utilizing its AI capabilities.

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Hiring in countries with very low unemployment rate: Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland

Best tips to recruit in candidate driven markets like Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland. Our Recruitment consultant unveils what are the top employers'strategies to be more successfull in hiring top talents, avoid ghosting and avoid rejected offers.

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Average gross salary in Hungary sees incredible growth in Q3 2022

Hungarian average gross salary spikes to 1200 EUR in Q2 2022. What are the reasons for such an increase and how to face hiring new talents in Hungary nowadays?

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RED. Recruitment has become a Clutch Leader!

RED. Recruitment has gained its first award for being the top HR consulting firm in Hungary!

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Organisations we are proud members of:

Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hungary

Budapest Chamber of Commerce

Budapest Business Academy

Clutch Top B2B services 2022 in CEE

CEE Chamber

Corporate Vision Innovation Global Awards 2022

White-Collar Industries RED. is recruiting for:

Finance, Insurances, Fintech and Banking
Information Technology
Healthcare Administration
Consulting Services
Marketing and Advertising
Legal Services
Real Estate and Construction
Human Resources
Education, Learning and Academic
Logistics, Packaging and Supply Chain
Public Relations and Crisis Management
Accounting and Auditing
Non-Profit Management
Engineering Services
Media and Broadcasting
Architecture and Design
Research and Development
Energy and Utilities
Government and Public Administration
Hospitality Management
Environmental Services
Retail Management
Automotive and EV
Food and Beverage
Venture Capital, Investments and Private Equity
Retail management
Non-profit organizations


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