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Also in the most complex interview processes, often choices are made based on short interviews feelings
and intuition. In many cases it gets harder and harder to differentiate within two or more great candidates. On
the other hand the cost of a wrong hire, especially for SME’s can result in a waste of time and revenue
At RED. Recruitment we dispose of tools to assess candidates and employees tailored for all your needs and we can

receptionist call center answering phone

Admin & Backoffice competences

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numerical &

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Sales & Interpersonal Skills

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Analitical skills

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vs. job role

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Language tests

Main deployment areas of RED. Recruitment occupational assessments

best focus deployment areas RED. Recruitment assessments

MAP Competencies

Resumes are not enough to hire someone because they don't provide insight about their competencies, skills, knowledge and experience. Organizations need to map the competencies of the person to the job that they are hiring for. Especially, they also start to inevitably move from the risk of hiring bias of internal stakeholders.

Mapping competencies is the process of identifying the skills that are required for a given job position and then assigning these skills with specific people in an organization.

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Main features of RED. assessments:

  • RED. Recruitment Assessment MAP is built by a team of Organisational Psychologists; 
  • The team has selected 20 crucial functions that cover a broad spectrum of work. and our clients can pick the closest one to their needs; 
  • Some of the Job functions for instance:  Finance, Sales, HR, Logistics, Healthcare etc.; 
  • Candidates need to answer to a set of activity driven questions with an agreableness scale.
  • Fully GDPR compliant - candidates' data or media can only be shared with the client for scoring it. It can't be downloaded and won't be available to RED. or any client if a candidate delete his/her own profile.

Example: looking through a typical financial candidate

RED. Recrutiment assessment map example

Example: We can compare and differentiate candidates for Sales Hunter vs. Sales Farmer skills

sales hunter vs. sales farmer RED. mapping assessment criterias

ASSESS your candidates

AI videointerview service presentation by RED. Recruitment

Main features of RED. Video Interview service:

With physical meetings out of scope, several Fortune 100 market leaders have standardized video interviews as a mean of inquiring about potential candidates. In this type of interview, candidates film themselves answering a predetermined set of questions and no one else is present on the other side. RED. Recruitment, offers to its partners this basic on-demand feature combining it with the Job role mapping and the recorded behavioural analysis.

  • Pre-made list of questions per profile in scope with the opportunity to customise it or build a new one;

  • Save your time and focus on only the most relevant candidates with our Asynchronous Video Interviews - Hundreds of candidates screened while you are making yourself a nice cup of tea;

  • AVIs help remove bias and Increase Inclusivity With a Structured and Consistent Interview Process;

  • RED. ASSESS AI powered videointerview service is a support to the hiring process to remove or highlight some profiles that could perfectly fit or do not fit a role’s requirements but it is not a substitute of a human multi-step interview process;

  • Our consultants will watch the videos for the clients and share with them the fotages of the most interesting candidates;

  • Fully GDPR compliant - candidates' data or media can only be shared with the client for scoring it. It can't be downloaded and won't be available to RED. or any client if a candidate delete his/her own profile.

italian candidate gesticulating in front of webcam during videointerview
girl with software code projected on her face

Some legitimate questions:

Q: Does your system takes in account the behavioural differences within age, gender and ethnicities?

A: The AI is trained to to blind these candidates' features to make sure that there is no bias but also no influence. As we said before, it won't let Italians win just because they are moving much more their hands than other nationalities;

Q: Is the videointerview system mainly centered and trained on one region?

A: Our partners providing the key technology behind it, have been training the system with a global dataset of more than 2000 candidates worldwide. It means the fruits of their research are globally validated accross all continents.

Q: Does the video interviewing system consider the fact that many candidates are not native speakers?

A: As we said in all our assessments, there is never a right answer from a candidate. Also consider that our system is not a Friday night quiz maker. Nobody wins, we only measure the apparent fit for a role. The system is trained to work well also with non-native speakers and doesn't judge language proficiency or pronunciation issues. Obviously it is able to understand an average English, Polish, Chineese and few others. If the candidate's English is not understandable, you will have a similar experience in a face to face interview, thus we don't recommend the deployment of this tool for roles where English is not an average requirement.

DECIDE based on data

service RED. data driven decisions
taking data driven decisions
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Did we finally make you a little bit curious about working together on assessing new talents to hire or your internal employees to promote?