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Why to choose RED. Recruitment?

Fully privacy focused candidate search for your business

Digitally signed non -disclosure agreements online

A dedicated private space to meet your next talent

Privacy focused recruitment

We only advertise roles under our whitelabel and your brand will never be out public. Obviously, the brand will be disclosed only once you evaluate the profile and decide to get the candidate on an online or personal interview but until that moment we only proceed providing information about the job description, your company's industry and size and we focus on the candidate. The best talents are the ones yet to be discovered.

Digitally signed NDA

Thanks to our Crove technology we can let candidates sign an NDA as soon as they express interest in a role. This is particularly important because of time sensitive issues might affect often the legal commitment to confidentiality but also candidate engagement.

At RED. we can commit your future pipeline of candidates to confidentiality in no time. No matter if they are in Hungary, Poland, Italy or France.

Private space to meet candidates

RED. Recruitment has a network of European offices to let you conduct interviews all around Europe. You will never have to be afraid of inviting a candidate to your office incurring in the risk of creating corridor gossips on who could be that person nicely dressed who entered in your office and who's job he/she might take over. All our efforts are directed to keep your organisation safe from talent turmoils. With RED. your searches are safe.

Our service

All these factors are combined with experienced consultants with more than 10 years of hiring in countries of Central Eastern Euope: Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Czech Republic and Western European countries like Italy, France, Spain, UK, Germany and Austria selecting executives for Fortune 100 companies. 

What does C-level and confidential search include besides privacy, an office space and digital NDAs?

Candidate background verification (additional charges may apply): We verify the candidate working history and criminal records (always in the measure allowed by legal and data privacy framework).

Reference check: We check for you what former employers think about your prospect candidate and we usually do it in a very innovative way (for more details on this service and how we combine it with technology check this article).

Candidate Assessments: from Video-assessments to AI passing through the classic psychometric tests, RED. Recruitment gets you covered with several solutions to look at your candidate from every angle. For more details check the service page.

"Mistery" candidate scouting: Do you need someone from a specific competitor or a specific company but you can't approach them or have no clue how? Let us deal with it. Our Recruitment consultants and marketing techniques are able to target with incredible precision your prospect talents. Let the headhunters do the job!

Co-assisted recruitment: Do you want to recruit with some of our tools without revealing your company identity but still keeping the grip of the recruitment process? We can provide you the right tools without taking over the whole process.


Mass Recruitment, Confidential and Executive Search are very different approaches to finding and hiring candidates for various positions within an organization and they all start from a different initial situational need related to why we are hiring new employees. 

The Scope of Executive and Confidential Recruitment

If we look at it in terms of scope and scale, CXO talent acquisition and vetting  specializes in recruiting top-level executives, such as CEOs, CFOs, and other senior management positions. It involves identifying and attracting highly skilled and experienced professionals who can provide strategic leadership to the organization. Confidential sourcing typically targets mid-level to senior positions where the organization values privacy and discretion. The candidate pooling is conducted discreetly, without disclosing the employer's identity to potential candidates or the public.

The Recruitment process differences:

Headhunting Leaders is a highly customized process that may involve in-depth research, networking, and headhunting techniques. C-level talent acquisition agencies may engage in extensive interviews, assessments, and evaluations to identify the best candidates for top-level positions.

Confidential search involves a more personalized and discreet recruitment process. Recruiters often directly approach potential candidates who fit the desired profile and maintain confidentiality throughout the selection process.

Timeframes and Resources:

Also in this case the approach from classic recruitment it is very different.

Executive candidate sourcing processes can be lengthy and resource-intensive. Finding top-level executives with the desired skills and experience can take time. Executive search firms may utilize their extensive networks, industry knowledge, and thorough evaluation processes to identify and attract the best candidates.

Confidential or Private vetting processes may take longer as they prioritize discretion and finding the right fit. These searches often require specialized recruiters, industry contacts, and a more tailored approach to identify suitable candidates.

What does Confidential search even mean and why there is a need for it?

Very often, you do not want to keep a business or an organization without a leader and sometime for a re-organization of the business or an internal restructuring you might need to explore the external candidate's market without creating alarm within your current organization.
Exploring the market for new leadership roles, especially in the commercial field it is not only a great excercise to validate your current leaders but also a business acquisition strategy that allows revenue generation and revenue growth. All these, should be always done without disrupting current business and current teams and here is the need for secrecy.

Understanding the world of business leaders: why RED.?

According to your past supplier selection you might have noticed that not always recruitment companies understand deeply an Industry to be able to select its future Leaders.

At RED. Recruitment we are not only Recruiters by profession but also have an extensive expertise in fields that are totally different than Human Resources.

Most of our recruiters have more than 10 years of experience in Sales & MArketing for different industries, from FMCG to Fintech passing through construction and industrial. Our IT recruiters completely built up our internal system infrastructure and often are able to code (at least Frontend!) and we offer to our employees extensive technical training or professional training to discern better the roles we recruit for.

Our consultants are constantly leveraging the power of data science, automations and scripting to work better, work faster and be more successful.

For these reasons, your candidates will understand better the quality of your intentions and business plans once they see that you are working with a highly specialized agency.

Take the chance of a free call with our consultants and check it by yourself!

In many cases, if you are around our Budapest HQ in Hungary, we are also happy to meet our clients in person.