Do you feel like something is missing from your current professional life? Are you wondering whether now is the right time to start a new job or patiently wait for a promotion at your current employer? In period within a global pandemic and other economic and geopolitical headwinds, your doubts are certainly acceptable. Yet, this could be just the right moment to take action and to re-set your career for steady growth, especially if you aspire to business leadership roles.

As first: time to step back for a moment

There are many ways to enhance your professional career. The first reaction, a more obvious one, is to jump in a new job search. You may want be in a different company or be interested in a new role at your current company. Or maybe you feel it came finally the moment to jump into opening your own company after acquiring a good level of professional experience.

If you're at a crossroads, it's a good idea to stop and reconsider or meditate whether you're taking the best decision. At the same time, especially for new roles, reading job descriptions in 2022, you could feel that requirements in terms of soft and hard skills changed substantially since the last time you searched for new challenges.

Should you go back to school? Is an MBA programme path something that will benefit your profile and knowldge before jumping into a new job role?

Let us help you to make this decision easier.

Investing in upskilling and new expertise

Many employers are now searching for employees with the empathy, adaptability, and emotional intelligence necessary to succeed in the office. If you have developed these talents through experience or training, any gap in their skills may not be harmful to your career in the workplace. In the context of a new professional setting, you can further develop these skills even further through ongoing studies.

However, if you're experienced in your career with proven achievements, but feel not self-confident of yourself in leadership roles, the process of earning an MBA can prove useful. A transformative atmosphere conducive to professional growth is an essential factor behind the value of MBA studies, alongside specialized knowledge and business theory. Whether opting for a full-time or part-time format, this great learning experience will boost your soft skills into one of your greatest strengths. You will better understand how to handle teamwork skillfully, enhance your communication skills and manage challenges with the right approach.

Assessing your fellow competitors

In uncertain conditions, people often find it challenging to act with spontaneity or abandon their comfort zone. Less people commonly choose to change jobs nowadays, so they prefer to wait a little while longer. At the same time, Successful companies and businesses that are flourishing will need new individuals with good experiences and fresh ideas. This means that if you are able to find some good gems in terms of new vacancies and new employers you could really benefit from very low competition on these new opportunities.

For these reasons, we suggest you to thouroughly assess all the available options on the market and instead of getting lost on websearches, grab the opportunity to get involved in several multi brand educational istitutions'events where you can meet in person leaders, testimonials and the alumni community for many of them.

Unleashing your leadership potential

Do you feel it's time to uncover your leadership potential? Join the Access MBA One-to-One event in Budapest (Corinthia Budapest Hotel) on 10 May or Access MBA Online event in the Balkans and Central Europe on 28 May.

Access MBA is an organization that educates, matches, and connects prospective MBA applicants with accredited and top-ranked business schools from around the globe. At this in-person event you will have the ideal opportunity to learn more about the world’s most recognized business degrees. Speak face-to-face or online with admissions directors of leading international institutions from Europe and more. At RED. Recruitment we strongly advice you to take this chance wether you are based in Hungary or connect to the online CEE event for potential students in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania or the Balkans.

3 good reasons why RED. Recruitment suggests you to take part to AccessMBA events in Central Eastern Europe

1. One-to-one meetings, GMAT workshops, and more

    Benefit from the many engaging formats – interactive workshops on test preparation, school presentations, and panel discussions with alumni. You can enjoy one-to-one meetings with some of the top-ranked business schools from around the world. Plan your questions now so you can get all the details about the best MBA programs.

    2. Personalized experience

      Choosing an MBA or Executive MBA is a different experience for everyone. At the event you will have a personal MBA consultant to guide you to the programs that best fit your background and expectations. Then, talk one-to-one with representatives from the schools that match your preferences.

      3. Scholarship of EUR 1,000 for your business studies

        At the end of each season, Access MBA awards one prospective student a scholarship of EUR 1,000 to help them finance their business studies. For a chance to win the prize, sign up now for free and make the most of the event in person. Take an active part in discussions with some of the participating business schools and you might be the next winner.

        What are you waiting for? It's free!

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        Why did we like this project? Because it is a great opportunity and free occasion to collect relevant information regarding a world of education opportunities still too neglected in the CEE region.